Is age just a number?

Updated: Jan 26

Is age just a number?

I think of myself as generally pretty young at heart. Birthdays never worry me, to me they are just another day and you wake up no different from the day before.

But is a positive approach to life enough to get you through. Is age just a number? On drop down boxes you have to scroll further to find your age group, you have to scroll forever to find your birth year but that's all just on paper.

Over the last five years, however positively I've tried to approach things, there has been one lesson I've learnt.

As you get older you can't ignore it, you have to work with it.

I've always enjoyed exercising, full-on exercise, running two marathons and doing heavy weights was my thing however now I have to admit my body just can't exercise in the same way. I've had to change the type of exercise I do. Focus more on mobility and getting fresh air.

I've had to adapt.

Over the years my lifestyle and jobs have meant I've drunk a fair bit. We've always partied hard but I've found since about 45 my drinking capabilities have diminished, a lot. Well, I can still drink like a fish, I just can't recover. I have the worst hangovers ever, which last days, cause massive anxiety attacks, make me feel like shit. I've had to whittle down the things I drink, the amount I drink and include pints of water, lots of them.

I've had to adapt.

Getting older doesn't suck, it's not great but it doesn't suck. You just have to be prepared to adapt and embrace the changes you need to make.

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