Technology is crap!

Updated: Jan 26

Is something I very rarely say.

OK it has its moments and I may have uttered things along the line of 'I'm gonna throw this piece of crap laptop out the window' on occasions but today I've spent the day teaching myself how to create eLearning SCORM packages on Adapt.

Slightly frustrating and suddenly 3 screens didnt seem like enough as I opened my content, the Adapt software, YouTube tutorials, image sites and advice forums but OMG it was fun.

There's nothing like the satisfaction of throwing yourself in to something you've never done before, just giving it a go and seeing the results you get.

I'm a great believer in self development (obviously😂) and to my mind the best opportunities and learning experiences are usually those you find for yourself. Training courses have their place but the satisfaction of knowing it was all down to your own effort is simply unique.