God I'm a stubborn bitch!

Why do we sometimes get so fixated with something or an outcome that even if we know it's not in our best interests, we just won't let go?

Or is that just me?

Tonight I sat, determined to master some tech bits. I followed step by step my guidance but couldn't get it to work.

➡️ I missed my training session, so now I have to catch up. ➡️ I sat up till 23:30 (late for me) so I'm gonna be tired tomorrow. ➡️ I got stressed so now have a twitchy eye and can't sleep

Why? Why do I do these things? The simple answer is because I'm stubborn. I feel that I have let myself down if I don't achieve those things I've set my mind to. They won't get the better of me.

Is that a good thing? Perhaps, sometimes.

Is it a bad thing? Potentially yes.

I guess it's all about balance and knowing when to step away for the sake of your own health and sanity and that of those around you.

(By the way, I won! I worked out what I needed to 😉)

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