Is that photoshopped?

Updated: Jan 26

I often get asked that when people see some of my photos with celebrities and people are like - wow! when I say they're not photoshopped.

I explain that I crew at Comic Con events in my spare time which means I get chance to meet some crazy, fun, interesting (and hot!) people.

At that point people often ask me how they can get involved and they get all excited up until the point I say it's volunteering.

What, you don't get paid and you work all day?

I explain I get some perks like the photos and some expenses but by then their eyes have glazed over.

But you don't get paid! Why would you work if you are not getting paid?

For me there is so much more to payment than money, or even the photos I get. Meeting new people, managing crazy situations, helping other people to have a great time, meeting their heroes. The memories and experiences I get from these events is priceless.

Don't get fooled into thinking the only payment in life is money. There really is so much more to gain from every opportunity.