Ready to gain clarity, break down self-doubt, increase confidence and identify exactly what you need to do to move into the job of your dreams?

The Career Freedom Accelerator 

12 weeks to skyrocket your career dreams!

I'm here to help you define your career path, gain the confidence to go out there and grab it and help you work out how to do exactly that.....

Introducing the Career Freedom Accelerator!



  • Do you feel like every workday is more of the same, getting nowhere and know in your heart that there is more out there for you to achieve?

  • Do you truly believe there is a career out there will which light you up?

  • Are you driven to give things your all but fed up with feeling overworked, undervalued, stressed and frustrated?

  • Have you lost your passion for your work but still have that burning desire to succeed?

  • Do you have practical responsibilities to meet but still desire a change of career that will ignite your soul​?


  • Do you feel lost, trapped and unfulfilled, unsure of your way out but ready and willing to take action when that path becomes clear?​

Well, you're in the right place!

The Three Core Pillars of the Career Freedom Accelerator 


Know what that dream job is?

Fantastic but it doesn't mean a thing if you don't feel like you can achieve it.

Imposter syndrome, self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk...they can plague us all and it can be crippling.

We build that belief to boldly move into that dream.


The key to unlocking that dream career is not just about knowing what you want to do but why!

Knowing your purpose and what makes your life complete is essential to creating that dream reality.

Let's get 100% clarity on that career goal. 


Knowing your path and believing in yourself is pure gold. 

Pair that with a rock solid strategy, the tools and techniques and you are ready to shoot for the stars.

Create a plan of action, step-by-step progression and a blueprint for success.

What you get

Every package is unique to you and we'll chat about what you need but in general you can expect;


The nitty gritty! 1 x 90 min deep dive video 1:1 coaching session with me, where work together to create your package and a strategy for moving forward.

Plus ..11 x 60 min weekly or fortnightly 1:1 video coaching sessions with me.

Need it now! Chat support via FB, IG or WhatsApp for those highs and lows and OMG moments! (within agreed hours)

Interesting stuff! Signposting to and provision of relevant resources specifically researched by me, to meet your needs and accelerate your progression.  

You're not in it alone! To keep you supported, motivated and feeling loved, access to a FB community group for posting questions, sharing experience and generally supporting one another.

Practical stuff! A toolkit of resources, workbooks, questionnaires and templates to keep your journey on track.

My Approach


My approach is down to earth and practical. Let's cut to the chase I don't deal in BS.


  • I'm going to challenge you!


  • I'm going to ask those questions you don't want to face!


  • I'm going to push you outside your comfort zone! 

To work together effectively you need to be willing to give me 100% and in return, I will;

  • Crack through identifying your goals,


  • Navigate the practicalities and potential challenges you may face


  • Keep you moving forward by holding you accountable for the actions you set yourself.


I am an unashamed personal development fan, pragmatic and realistic and highly motivated, but I also enjoy having a bit of a laugh. After all the main aim here is to enjoy living your life. 


My extensive and varied network of contacts spans sectors such as fitness, wellbeing, and hospitality, as well as Higher Education and you can have access to those links. 

If it’s a complete career change you want – I’ve been there, done it, lived it….more than once!

The formal stuff!

"Each session challenged me and helped me greatly with my future plans".

  • ILM Performance Coaching for Leadership

  • Coaching Masters IAPC&M Accreditation


  • MCIPD Level 7 Human Resources

  • Certificate in Blended Learning

  • Level 3 Award in Education and Teaching

"Thanks to Ali I was able to re-evaluate my focus and was really able to work out what it was I wanted to achieve moving forward."

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