Ready to boldly step into that dream career and find the fulfillment you deserve?

Are you looking for dedicated support to make that dream a reality?


Do you wish you had someone as invested in your career success as you are?

Someone who will challenge you to face the tough questions but be there to support you to find the answers, someone who can see your blind spots and help you  


Are you feeling it?

Don't go anywhere!


I work closely with a select group of 1:1 clients, using bespoke options to launch them into their dream career. Whatever the focus, whatever the areas of challenge we work together to reach that goal. 

How I can help you

As a Career Transition Coach, I am committed to getting you the clarity, the belief and the strategy you need to determine what that dream job is.


I support you 100% to make that dream a reality.

  • Perhaps you want to move into a completely new career, your dream job!


  • You may want to branch out into your own business or consultancy,

  • You may want to make a career change to meet your current life chapter


  • or you may simply want to shake things up and try something new

I’ve been there and can help you, to help yourself get the results you want!

Together we can crack the plan that you need for success. 

Power Fix

Interested in working on one area of challenge? 

A mini-series of 3 x 90 minute coaching sessions designed to support you through that one bug holding you stuck.    

Let's beat those blues and power through those problems.


Career Freedom Accelerator

100% 'All-in' support to propel you from the here and now to that dream career.

A truly bespoke solution working 1:1 on exactly what you need to ensure you have clarity around goals, the confidence and mindset to progress and the strategy, tools and techniques to be successful.


Career Clarity Call!

Quite simply get clarity on the way forward, right now!

One powerful 60 minute session to move you forward in your career change. 


Please note: This is not designed as a successive per hour coaching rate.

The session is a one-off intervention

Why Me?

Having changed careers a number of times to suit the chapter of my life I was in, I understand how daunting it can be. 

I’ve been there - I’ve asked myself all the questions, I’ve put up all the barriers, I’ve made all the excuses and I’ve gone round in circles getting nowhere.

I have loved each of my careers at the time - at that finite point in my life.


But life changes and when a particular job, role or career no longer loved me back I knew I needed to make changes.


I've experienced roles that affected my health, my finances, my relationships or that I just didn't enjoy any more, so things had to change. 

But it wasn't always easy to make those transitions.


I have successfully changed career 3 times and changed job role successfully many more times than that. Is this something to boast about?.....well I'd say so, yes! rather than play it safe and remain in a role or career which wasn't serving me or my life effectively, I made changes for the better......and you can too!


Making a complete career change can be complicated, it can take some time, a plan of action is needed and through my direct experiences, I have created a toolkit of techniques, strategies and guidance which can help you achieve the success you desire. 

My Approach


My approach is down to earth and practical. Let's cut to the chase I don't deal in BS.


  • I'm going to challenge you!


  • I'm going to ask those questions you don't want to face!


  • I'm going to push you outside your comfort zone! 

To work together effectively you need to be willing to give me 100% and in return, I will;

  • Crack through identifying your goals,


  • Navigate the practicalities and potential challenges you may face


  • Keep you moving forward by holding you accountable for the actions you set yourself.


I am an unashamed personal development fan, pragmatic and realistic and highly motivated, but I also enjoy having a bit of a laugh. After all the main aim here is to enjoy living your life. 


My extensive and varied network of contacts spans sectors such as fitness, wellbeing, and hospitality, as well as Higher Education and you can have access to those links. 

If it’s a complete career change you want – I’ve been there, done it, lived it….more than once!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to achieve all this….

  • The clarity required to make the career change you dream of!

  • Ability to set your own goals and understand how to achieve them.

  • Answer all the scary questions in your head 

  • Know where to find additional resources, advice or guidance to keep you moving forward.

  • Wake up each day ready to embrace all it holds, in a role you love.

  • Get out of your head, stop allowing your insecurities to hold you back and take action.

  • See consistent progress from the consistent actions you are taking.

  • Have an ongoing toolkit of strategies and techniques to support you in goal setting, decision making and problem-solving.

  • Have the clarity, confidence, motivation and plan to make that career change!

What's in it for you?

The formal stuff!

  • ILM Performance Coaching for Leadership

  • Coaching Masters IAPC&M Accreditation


  • MCIPD Level 7 Human Resources

  • Certificate in Blended Learning

  • Level 3 Award in Education and Teaching