Meet Ali - My Story

Certified Career Coach & Personal Development Trainer

So, in life stuff happens!


If it’s good, enjoy it; if it’s bad, deal with it…. but it is, what it is. Don’t expect too much and you won’t get disappointed.


That’s the way I was brought up.

I fell into an OK publishing job to be fair but then got made redundant.  


So I re-invented my career!

I had a riot living the hospitality life; 18 hour days, burning the candle at both ends and partying hard, drinking too much, eating crap....


It was great....until it wasn't great.

So I re-invented my career!

By the time I hit 35 I'd already completely changed career twice. Once through necessity and once through choice.


I'd battled through the minefields of 'transferable skills'


I'd fought the ‘admin snobbery’ 


I took the calculated risks.


I worked various fixed-term roles, secondments and part-time job shares to get experience.


I studied hard and most importantly......

I invested in ME!!!!........

And we all lived happily ever after......... the end!

Well no!

I became increasingly frustrated in my HR role. 


Unimaginative and often poor recruitment processes,  supporting line managers who were clearly lost, feeling ill-equipped for their management roles and battling against a major sense of entitlement by staff borne out of a culture of complete risk aversion.

I did what I needed to do,


I tried to influence,


I tried to introduce new ideas and concepts but felt like I was constantly getting nowhere.


I was treading water, taking the money, swallowing back the Sunday night sick feeling.

I felt surely I should be happy with my lot, right?



  • Wouldn't it be nice not to have to go to work 9-5 but choose when I work and be able to spend more time with my partner who works shifts?

  • Wouldn't it be great to decide what topics I work on and do the stuff that excites me?

  • Wouldn't it be great to work with the people I want to work with, who interest me and who I feel I can provide value to?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if we could move to Greece or Spain in a couple of years when my partner retires and I could work from there?

  • Don’t I deserve a bit more choice, a bit more freedom?


But you just don't walk away from a well-paying, fairly stable job, do you? 


It's crazy, right?

Constantly being told or telling yourself....


‘You’re lucky. Many people would be crying out to have what you have. You can’t take the risk. You don’t want to go back to having nothing. Crazy dreams don’t work for people like you. It just doesn’t make sense’.

Damn - I started to say those things to myself!! 

Over and over... until they became a comfort blanket.


Albert Einstein is attributed with saying ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.’


I realised, that’s the crazy right there!


I’m talking about the same things, doing the same things, using the same excuses - moving nowhere but hoping things will change.

So, I re-invented my career

It's taken me a few frustrating years to navigate these thoughts, get past other people's opinions, other people's expectations.


More importantly, I've learned to face my own limiting beliefs. 


I started applying the skills and strategies I was using on others to myself.


I invested in help and support to drive me forward.

I gained clarity and I took action - it really is OK to want more and to want different.


At age 50, I have successfully changed career 4 times and changed job role effectively many more times than that.

Is this something to boast about?.....well I'd say so, yes!

Rather than play it safe and remain in a role or career which wasn't serving me or my life effectively, I've made changes for the better......and you can too!


Making a complete career change can be complicated and scary, it can take time, a plan of action is usually needed and through my direct experiences, I have created a toolkit of techniques, strategies and guidance which can help you achieve the success you desire.



We should be working together if;

  • You are ready to gain clarity about your own direction & dreams

  • You embrace curiosity and learning 


  • You want to fast track your experiences through guidance from someone who's been there

  • You are prepared for a no-nonsense approach

  • You are ready, willing and able to take action and get sh*t done!


You want to achieve that career of your dreams!​